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Personalized Communications Winner of the 2009 ATSI Award of Excellence

Personalized Communications (www.per-com.com) has been awarded the prestigious Silver Plus Award by the Association of TeleServices International, which is the largest trade association in the call center industry. Personalized Communications Inc. is the premier provider of call center and telephone answering services in the country.

Personalized Communications Winner of the 2009 ATSI Award of Excellence

The ATSI Award of Excellence was created as a way to reward companies in the teleservices industry for providing a high level of service to clients and callers, friendly receptionists, and apt consideration for the needs of companies and their clientele. Personalized Communications continues to garner the award year after year for their commitment to excellent service.

The company employs operators that handle each call with professionalism, care, and attention to detail. They ensure clients receive service that treats customers with respect so that the business relationship stays strong into the future and it becomes possible to cultivate repeat business. Making every caller feel special is what sets Personalized Communications apart from the competition and continues to help them win awards.

ATSI gives out its annual Award of Excellence based on evaluations made by independent judges contracted by the organization to conduct a thorough evaluation of Call center services across the United States. The analysis is carried out over a period of
six months and takes into consideration such attributes as courtesy, response time, accuracy, and overall service. The company that scores more than 80% or higher in all categories is given the Award of Excellence.

Founded in 1942, the Association of TeleServices International started off as a nationwide trade association for live answering services. Today the organization caters to teleservices companies of all types, including call centers, contact centers, inbound telemarketing such as data and order entry, paging, voice messaging, emergency dispatch, fax and Internet services, and other essential services.

Personalized Communications has scored higher than the competition six years in a row, earning the company the Award of Excellence and the well-deserved recognition that comes with the presentation of the highly coveted honor.

They have earned a reputation for superior customer service that takes each client’s unique requirements into consideration, as well as for the use of cutting edge technology and the employment of skilled professionals in the field that are highly trained to deal with a wide range of different professional circumstances.

For more information about acquiring call center services, call 1-800-317-4567 or visit www.Per-Com.com.

Personalized Communications has been a leader in the Inbound call center industry for almost thirty years. Serving a variety of clients and businesses throughout that time, the company provides a 24 hour a day Telephone answering service that is personalized and caters to the needs of every client, whether large or small. They use state-of-the-art technology to meet the many diverse challenges facing the world of call centers and communications. In addition, the company prides itself on a sense of professionalism that can’t be found with other inbound call centers and telephone answering services. Personalized Communications is committed to providing a stellar service that is way ahead of the competition in terms of reliability, service, and technology. Their live telephone answering service and help desk are unrivaled in the industry.

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Award Winning Call Center Services By Personalized Communications, Inc

Personalized Communications, Inc The Association of TeleServices International (ATSI) is a national trade association that was founded in 1942. They represent live answering services and honor those businesses with awards that provide outstanding telephone answering service.

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The exclusive Awards of Excellence are determined by the quality and level of service for all aspects of the call. The caller must be considered first during the entire call and the caller must be believe that they are either the most important person to the operator or that the caller’s problem is the most significant issue for the operator on the other end of the line. Businesses that use call center services understand that the way the operator manages every call from start to finish is extremely significant in building customer relationships and in the determination for the successful attainment of repeat business. Regardless of the circumstances a caller should always be provided high quality service by attentive and undistracted operators.

In order to evaluate a Telephone answering service or inbound call service, ATSI contracts with independent judges in order to assess services throughout the United States over a six month period. The metrics employed include: courtesy, response time, accuracy and overall customer service. Call center services receiving a score of 80% or more in all categories is awarded the Award of Excellence.

Personal Communications, Inc was awarded the 2009 Silver Plus Award of Excellence for their consistently reliable and high quality service by ATSI. It is a significant milestone that helps to assure businesses that Personal Communications, Inc provides excellent call center services.

In part, much of Personal Communications, Inc success has come from their complete and through training program. Employees are not only expected to meet a high standard of customer service prior to customer contact, but they are also required to maintain the high standard throughout their employment. The training program is continual, which includes customer service skills training as well as technology-related training for optimal equipment use.

For more information regarding Personal Communications, Inc. visit their website at http://www.per-com.com.

Personal Communications, Inc is a premier 24 hour a day 7 day a week call center services business. With over thirty years in the industry, they act as an Inbound call center with a full range of flexible Call center services that can be personalized to particular business needs. They are committed to impeccable customer service.

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