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Cheap UK Calls Set Bangladesh Buzzing

With a population of 168 million people to call, it’s no wonder Bangladesh scooped the top spot as the UK’s favourite international destination to dial.

Cheap UK Calls Set Bangladesh Buzzing

The findings which were based on consumers using Firstnumber – an online directory offering cheap access codes – saw 12% of people dialling Bangladesh. The findings were especially striking given the 300 codes available.

Surprisingly, Bangladesh managed to beat off strong competition from the likes of the China and India; China in particular boasts a population size over eight times bigger than that of Bangladesh.

Firstnumber representative Andy Steele put Bangladesh’s popularity with UK citizens down to the clarity of calls:

“There’s not one outright reason why the people in the UK have made Bangladesh their favourite international destination to call although the quality of the connection is definitely key. Firstnumber’s service is often as good as calling a regular UK landline so callers no longer have to worry about their calls being interrupted by crackling sounds, crossed wires or lines breaks which were commonplace in the past.”

Perhaps what makes these findings most interesting though is the lack of phone connection to be found in certain parts of Bangladesh. Almost 90% of the country’s rural towns and farming communities still lack a basic landline service. In some areas it’s not uncommon for village people to travel tens of miles to use a communal landline shared by numerous remote settlements.

Needless to say, in the absence of landlines, many Bangladeshis have turned their attention to mobile phones. Currently, Bangladesh boasts 50million handsets nationwide with this number only set to rise as technology becomes more affordable and accessible. UK citizens with Bangladeshi friends and family needn’t worry about a hike in price though, as Andy Steele explains.

“Firstnumber and our competitors are constantly trying to get the best deal for consumers and as a result the prices just keep getting lower. Firstnumber currently allows people to dial Bangladeshi mobiles and landlines for just 3p a minute, that’s just 1p dearer than calling your next door neighbour from the same phone. While dialling international destinations may have once proved a costly process this is quickly becoming a thing of the past. A trend that is only cemented by the number of people choosing to call Bangladesh.”

About Firstnumber:
Firstnumber.co.uk is an online phone directory offering direct dial access codes that reduce the cost of making international calls from a UK landline.

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BT Brings Unlimited Calls To Businesses

BT has announced it is the first UK communications provider to offer unlimited fixed line calling packages for small businesses. The new high value BT Business One Plan Inclusive packages offer unlimited calling minutes to UK landlines, UK mobiles, international destinations and 0845 and 0870 numbers for a fixed fee.

BT Business is also offering businesses greater savings by introducing 500 free UK calling minutes per calendar month per line (fixed or VoIP).

Available to customers that (re)sign to OnePlan by 30.04.10. Minimum yearly spend and requires commitment to 2 core products. Fee – £15 per month – further reduced to £12.50 per month if customers take the unlimited package on a VoIP line. Fair usage policy applies. Offer ends 30.04.10. Exclusions, terms and conditions apply.

Businesses opting for one of the new BT Business One Plan Inclusive packages can also combine unlimited calls with a range of communications options including broadband and mobile, consolidating their fixed, mobile and broadband spend under One Plan.

Bill Murphy managing director, BT Business, said: “Giving unlimited fixed line calling to businesses in this way is a first and will shake-up the market. Businesses are continuously striving to manage their costs better, but also need to stay connected to their customers to thrive. With a low fixed monthly fee we are the only provider to offer businesses such great peace of mind. By removing the worry that unexpected costs can bring, companies now have more time to focus on what they do best and look after their business.”

BT Business One Plan is a great way to put big company benefits within the reach of small companies,” said Chris Caffery, company secretary, Homecarers – a care service provider for the elderly based in Liverpool. “Finally there is an offer that allows smaller enterprises to manage their day to day communications while helping to save money. It’s reassuring to know that every type of call is covered so we can worry less about the number of calls staff are making and focus more on enabling them to work flexibly and respond faster to people’s needs.”

Under BT Business One Plan all service and billing enquiries are dealt with through one number, and customers will receive one bill for all services. BT Business Broadband offers a 99.99% reliable broadband service; nine out of 10 faults are resolved in under four hours and 95% of calls to the 24/7 UK help desk are answered within 30 seconds.

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Windsor Telecom Plc, UK provider of 0845 phone numbers and inbound call solutions, has published a free guide to relocation for UK businesses of all sizes

Windsor Telecom Plc, the UK’s 2nd largest provider of 0845 numbers phone numbers and inbound call solutions has published a free guide to relocation aimed at UK businesses of all sizes.

The two handy guides, for the corporate and SME markets, provide valuable information on how to make the right move, an essential ten step plan to successful moving, and a comprehensive directory of useful contacts.

The new relocation guide provides a valuable insight into the challenge of relocating a business today. It addresses key questions such as; ‘Do I really have to relocate?’ and ‘Who needs to know I have moved?’ Therefore providing businesses with the knowledge they crave prior to planning the often make or break move.

Practical money saving tips appear on every page, such as the option to set up non-geographic 0845 numbers prior to relocation, which has for many Windsor Telecom customers’, saved a fortune, as it reduces the need for future updating and reprinting of corporate stationary and literature. The ability to redirect all incoming calls the minute immediately a move is made ensures the business continues through the disruption, and makes sure both existing and potential future clients can still get through; ensuring new business is not lost. Furthermore 0845 numbers are numbers for life, so once the simple switch has been made it is one less thing to have to worry about if a company ever has to move again.

The Windsor Telecom relocation guides are free to download from their website www.windsor-telecom.co.uk

Having moved offices recently themselves, Windsor Telecom knows only too well the homework that needs to be done and the stress of upheaval. And as anyone who has moved home will know, it is one of the most stressful life experiences anyone can go through.

Chief Executive of Windsor Telecom, Neil Sherring says: “We’ve drawn on our first hand experience and lessons learnt to make this business guide to relocation as practical and useful as possible. We hope it will take away some of the research that companies will need to do when moving offices.”

Windsor Telecom is the UK’s leading provider of memorable phone numbers and inbound call solutions Windsor Telecoms provide bespoke call plans and services which give customers incredible flexibility and control over their inbound calls, without any technical knowledge. Solutions will enhance productivity and sharpen competitiveness.

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