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Firstnumber Celebrates Armed Forces Day With Special Rates on Calls to Afghanistan and Iraq

First Number, a leading provider of cheap international calls from the UK, is celebrating Armed Forces Day by offering users special deals on calls to Iraq and Afghanistan. On the 25th of June, friends and family of men and women in the armed forces can get in touch for just 20p per minute to an Afghani landline, or 4p per minute to an Iraqi landline. Firstnumber is also offering special rates for calls made to mobiles, with both Afghani and Iraqi mobile rates set at 25p per minute.

The deal enables friends and family to keep in touch with members of the armed forces, as well as to show their support for service men and women abroad.

Users can stay up to date with deals like the Armed Forces Day call offer, simply by signing up for Firstnumber’s RSS feed. The provider’s website also features a cheap international call toolbar – offering users the best of their site, hand-picked links, a Google-powered search box, and more – as well as various social networking options. Customers can become fans on Facebook, or follow Firstnumber on Twitter – both of which will update users regularly on special offers, regular updates, and new cheap landline and mobile access numbers.

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Two-year Old Accidentally Leaks News Of A Plot To Lock Out Protesters When Playing With Phone, Firstnumber Advises Parental Caution

Following news that a two-year-old girl accidentally leaked plans to lock out dock workers in Australia, cheap call provider Firstnumber advises parents to keep their mobiles to themselves.

Shipping company Patrick Stevedores has been caught planning to lock wharfs in Australia out of the docks, thanks to the curiosity of a two-year-old.

The revelation has caused relationships between opposing sides of a long running disagreement between dock workers, with some saying the dispute could reignite disagreements first aired in 1998. According to the Herald Sun, this could put the jobs of hundreds of Melbourne workers at risk.

News of the potential lock out was accidentally leaked after the lead negotiator, Mick O’Leary, was found to have left an inflammatory voicemail on the mobile phone of his union counterpart. However, O’Leary was not aware he was being recorded at the time, and the message was left accidentally when his two-year-old niece dialled the number of Garry Keane while playing with his phone.

In the controversial three minute recording, O’Leary can be heard detailing a plan to take on dock workers. The incident has prompted Firstnumber, international call experts, to issue a reminder to parents. “There are few things as tempting to young children as phones, especially of the mobile variety. There’s something about the shape, size and the air of the forbidden that makes them magnets for small hands.

“Smartphones have only increased the appeal, and many parents are happy to hand over their gadgets for the sake of a few peaceful minutes. However, these phones aren’t made for children.”

Following the discovery of the message, which suggests that Patrick will lock dock workers out for a month beginning at the start of June, union officials have spoken out about the tactics employed by the lead negotiator and the shipping company.

O’Leary, who was once himself an official of the Maritime Union of Australia has attracted criticism from the organization. Responding to claims that Patrick was planning to reignite the worst of the 1998 dispute, a spokesperson for the company claimed that O’Leary was not speaking for the company, and that he had exceeding his authority.

Patrick now claims a ‘lock out’ is a last resort. However, the damage to its and O’Leary’s reputation may already be done opines cheap mobile call providers Firstnumber. A spokesperson elaborated: “It’s an unfortunate situation for Mr O’Leary to find himself in. Obviously his plans were not meant to be shared, and we have no way of knowing how accurate his message was.

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Cheap International Call Provider Helps Long Distance Lovers Go The Distance With Cheap Calls This Valentine’s Day

With the ease of air travel and ongoing improvements in technology, it’s no surprise that increasing numbers of us are going the extra mile to make long distance relationships work.

Long distance relationships – just like proximal relationships – have their ups and downs but the added financial pressure of costly telephone calls and toting up the air miles can add further strains on even the most rock solid of pairings.

Thanks to cheap international call provider – Firstnumber.co.uk – however, long distance lovers can now experience a helping hand in the form of international dialling codes that allow callers to dial over two hundred and fifty plus countries for as little as one pence a minute.

Firstnumber.co.uk – whose slogan is ‘where cheap calls cost pennies’ – offers discounted dialling on calls to both landlines and mobiles, meaning added flexibility for consumers looking to wish loved ones a happy Valentine’s Day.

Company spokesperson Andy Steele hopes Firstnumber’s Valentine’s special will help ease the financial pressure on people in long distance relationships:

“Long distance relationships are becoming increasingly popular and are particularly common among couples who opt to go to different universities but want to make their partnership work.

“At Firstnumber we’re proud to offer cheap international calls that can help couples make a huge saving to their phone bill.

“For example, callers dialling Thailand for a thirty minute catch up could stand to save just over £22 in comparison to the what you might expect to pay from a standard BT landline, without the discount applied.

“You might be able to get away with forgetting to send a Valentine’s card this year, but with Firstnumber on side you can no longer say it’s to expensive to make that all important call!”

Direct dial access codes work by placing a designated code in front of the number you wish to call.

The code then applies a discounted rate allowing users to call destinations such as France from as little as 1p a minute.

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firstnumber.co.uk – Slashes The Cost Of Calling Abroad With January Sale

With memories of the festive season quickly receding into the past, many shoppers will now be left to contend with a bout of the ‘January blues’ as the true cost of Christmas comes more clearly into focus.

It needn’t be all doom and gloom however as the January sales provide a little light relief; cheap international call provider – Firstnumber.co.uk – being no exception.

Firstnumber.co.uk – whose slogan is ‘where cheap calls cost pennies’ – now stands shoulder to shoulder with high street retailers in offering customers further discounts on its cheap international calls.

Firstnumber currently offers over 250 access codes that allow consumers and businesses alike to make cheap calls from mobiles – http://www.firstnumber.co.uk/en/cheap-mobile-calls/– and landlines – http://www.firstnumber.co.uk/en/cheap-landline-calls/ – at a heavily discounted rate.

Company spokesperson Andy Steele hopes Firstnumber’s January Sale will help cash-strapped consumers keep in touch with family and friends during 2011:

“January is a tricky time for everyone in terms of getting back on our feet financially after the traditional Christmas spend.

“Tightening your belt on luxury goods or unnecessary treats is one thing but nobody should have to forego speaking to family and friends in order to stay in the black.

“This was the inspiration for our January Sale where we’ve further discounted over 50 of our most popular destinations, which now makes it even cheaper to call abroad. Some destinations have even been discounted by up to 25p a minute whilst many others start from as little as 1p/min.”

Direct dial access codes work by placing a designated code in front of the number you wish to call.

The code then applies a discounted rate allowing users to call destinations such as Australia from as little as 1p a minute.

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Cheap Call Provider Firstnumber Excited By the World’s First Floating Phone

It has emerged that Peter Jones, one of the five entrepreneurial ‘dragons’ of Dragons Den fame, is to launch a waterproof floating mobile phone. The device has been developed in co-operation with JCB, a venture which initially began in 2008.

The phone will be available under the Toughphone Brand, and will be released by Jones’ company Distributor Data Select. It is one of three phones to be released this week under the Toughphone brand, and are largely aimed at those in the construction industry, a fact reflected by the phone names, one of which is called the Tradesman. The devices have been developed to withstand adverse conditions, with the Tradesman representing the world’s first floating phone.

Cheap international call provider Firstnumber, believe that the latest offering in Toughphone technology is a hugely positive development for many people, especially those engaging in outdoor activities, whether work or leisure related. A Firstnumber spokesperson said:

“This phone provides an additional sense of reassurance for its users, whose exposure to adverse conditions expands the scope for mobile phone damage or breakage. For those travelling in a foreign country or at sea, the Toughphone handsets represent a reliable means of getting in touch with those back home.”

As well as targeting the outdoor trade demographics, Jones believes the sturdy handsets will appeal to those engaging in outdoor sporting activities such as sailing, skiing and mountain biking. In a slightly tongue-in-cheek tone, Distributor Data Select also commented that the phone would prove to be an ideal alternative for those who enjoy a good night out and are at risk of dropping their mobile phone down the toilet.

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Firstnumber.co.uk – Urges Tourists To The Papal Visit 2010 Not To Get Caught Out By Costly Phone Bills

cheap international call provider is urging foreign visitors attending the Pope’s tour of the UK not to get caught out by expensive mobile calls.

Thousands of people from across Europe and beyond are expected to descend on the UK to catch a glimpse of the Holy Father and attend one of a number of masses that will be held during his stay.

While 100,000 pilgrims from the British Isles are set to attend Glasgow’s open air mass, thousands more are set the travel from abroad to take part in numerous religious celebrations.

The Pope’s visit to Scotland in particular is expected to boost the country’s economy by a staggering £8.5 million as hotels, restaurants and public transport feels the benefit of hosting a major global figure.

Now cheap call provider – Firstnumber.co.uk – is doing its bit to help foreign consumers slash their telephone bills by providing discount rates to landlines and mobiles for callers dialling abroad from the UK.

Firstnumber.co.uk currently offers over 250 access codes that allow consumers and businesses alike to make cheap international calls at a heavily discounted rate.

Company spokesperson Andy Steele hopes Firstnumber will become one of a number of services that pilgrims can use to help reduce their phone bills.

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Firstnumber Encourages Edinburgh Festival Fringe Performers Not To Create A Drama Over Sky High Phone Bills

With over 400,000 performers and tourists having descended on Scotland’s capital city for Fringe season, cheap call provider Firstnumber is encouraging Edinburgh’s international visitors not to mar memories of their vacation with costly phone bills.

With visitors of all nationalities soaking up the festival atmosphere, the chances of racking up sky high phone bills is often unavoidable when calling friends and family out with the UK.

Cheap call provider – firstnumber.co.uk – is doing its bit to put an end to this by providing a wide range of discount rates to landlines and mobiles right across the globe from 1p a minute; perfect for those of us who like to call loved ones and let them know how the holiday’s going.

Company spokesperson Andy Steele hopes Firstnumber’s competitive and affordable service will help leave consumers with a little extra spare at the bureau de change:

“Edinburgh Fringe Festival is quite literally one of the greatest shows on earth but no-one wants to return home only to have had the cost of their phone bill go through the roof.

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Consumers Can Protect Against Credit Card Fraud By Using Direct Dial Access Numbers Says Cheap International Call Provider Firstnumber.co.uk

A UK based cheap international call provider is attempting to combat the rise of credit card fraud by providing consumers with a telecoms service that doesn’t require card details or up front payment.

Consumers Can Protect Against Credit Card Fraud By Using Direct Dial Access Numbers Says Cheap International Call Provider Firstnumber.co.uk

Firstnumber.co.uk currently offers over 250 access codes that allow consumers and businesses to make cheap international calls – http://www.firstnumber.co.uk/cheap-international-calls – at a heavily discounted rate.

When using the service, consumers simply input an access code before the number they wish to dial and the cost of the call – starting from 1p per minute – is then added to their monthly phone bill.

Firstnumber.co.uk spokesperson Andy Steele hopes the service will provide callers with more options that don’t involve parting with sensitive, personal information at a time when credit card fraud is on the rise.

“Online credit card fraud in the UK rose by 55% in 2009 alone. Despite this startling statistic, consumers – particularly those of us who shop online – are still parting with personal data and financial details in potentially unsecured environments.

“The easiest way to wipe out fraud is to eliminate credit card use altogether which is why Firstnumber’s service doesn’t require an account to be set up, upfront payment or personal details of any sort.”

Despite the introduction of chip and PIN in 2006, last year saw banks and consumers fork out a record £39 million to cover the costs of online banking fraud.

Although banks have done their bit to keep up to speed with the latest security technologies, 90 per cent of online credit card related fraud is linked to computer owners entering their details on unsecured home computers.

‘Phishing scams’ – whereby consumers are lured into handing over personal information – also rose to 26,000 over the course of 2009.

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