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Grimm – Out now for iOS; iPhone and iPod touch

A dark and twisted misadventure, Grimm has just been featured by Apple in the iTunes App Store! The game was hand-picked for the “New and Noteworthy” section, and has since cracked the Top 50 list for all paid apps.

ROBOX Studios is proud to announce the release of Grimm: Ride of the Perambulator, a new iOS game now available. Set in a devilish and stylized Victorian world, Grimm is a side-scrolling macabre adventure, featuring stunning hand-drawn graphics and whimsical humor. Using the accelerometer, the player must navigate a lost carriage and baby through over 10 worlds and 8 mini-levels of fiendish delights. Pursued by Mr. Grimm, the player must survive his questionable intentions as he presents new challenges along the way.

Grimm - Out now for iOS; iPhone and iPod touch

A truly independent title, Grimm was developed by David Pietrandrea, owner of ROBOX Studios. The small development team focused on creating an immersive experience and a fully-realized world, bringing a unique style to mobile platforms.

Enter the devilish and dangerous world of Grimm at your own peril, now in the iTunes App Store:

“Mother has lost her baby! It is up to you, kindly gamer, to safely navigate the baby’s carriage through over 10 worlds of twisted Victorian delights, delivering the lost child home. Avoid the specter of Mr. Grimm, a shadowy figure intent on stopping you at every turn. Grimm: Ride of the Perambulator is a unique side-scrolling adventure set in a dark and stylized world.”

– Use the accelerometer to guide the carriage through over 10 worlds and 8 mini-levels of twisted and macabre delights.
– Launch the baby from the carriage to solve puzzles and combat villainous enemies
– Survive the fiendish intentions of Mr. Grimm as he doggedly pursues you, presenting new challenges along the way.
– Enjoy the unique and handmade art of the Grimm world.

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VoAPPs Takes On Telecom Tasks with telePARTICLES APPs

Today VoAPPs announced the availability of telePARTICLES, a set of “Telecom APPs” that easily integrate into software applications, back office systems, and business processes. Available in an APP Store format, the company is releasing the first 3 telePARTICLES including:

VoAPPs Takes On Telecom Tasks with telePARTICLES APPs

Service Type :
Determines if a telephone number
is a Mobile or a Landline number

Mobile Working Number :
Determines whether a Mobile number is working and dialable

Number Scrubber :
Cleanses a list of phone numbers
to remove duplicates, numbers
with invalid formats, etc.

telePARTICLES are designed to make it easy for people to do Telecom Tasks that should be simple – but that are actually hard to do. “I looked around and realized that it’s really hard to find out if a phone number is a mobile number or a landline number. That led me to wonder why it’s so hard to find out if a mobile number is working or not”, says David King, President of VoAPPs. “I found it inconceivable that this kind of basic telecom information was not available to every Telecom Application, to the average Business Process Manager, or to most Software Developers – so we decided to fix that.”

Most of the Telecom APP providers in the market today are designed to be ‘platforms’ for software developers. They provide basic telephony functions like making a call, recording a caller’s responses, or even building an entire call center. telePARTICLES are different.

telePARTICLES are designed to open up a new and different set of functionality to both software developers and non-developers alike. So, in addition to supporting flat files and providing a RESTful API for developers, most telePARTICLES also support web queries and Excel templates for easy access by Business Process Owners and End Users. Certain telePARTICLE APPs can even be accessed and used from a mobile phone via the company’s Launchpad which can be found at www.teleparticles.mobi.

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eFUSION Announced eWiFi Reached 1.5 Million Downloads And V2.0 Is Going To Submit For Apple’s Review

eFUSION announced that the most popular utility application in app store eWiFi downloaded by 1.5 million users. Recently 10,0000 users downloading eWiFi every day. eFUSION also going to submit a new version 2.0 to app store on this month including new features demanded by a vast number of iPhone and iPod touch users by e-mail, twitter, forums and several social networks.

eWiFi is wifi access point finder utility application. It is a great utility application for iPhone and iPod touch user who wants to access faster internet through WiFi and for travelers who loves free open WiFi to get internet access during travel. Also the new version of eWiFi will care about expert user who want to connect home and office secure WiFi network automatically with first priority. eWiFi downloaded by 1.5 million users with in 4 and half months f  r o m the release date.

This application attracted several medias attention f r o m all over the world including USA. Some mentionable ranking of eWiFi are listed below:

#2 Top Free application in USA – February 2010
#2 Top Free application in Japan – October 2009
#1 Top Free application in Italy – January 2010
#1 Top Free application in Nederland – January 2010.

Every day eFUSION getting many requests for eWiFi features u p d a t e from iPhone and iPod touch users. eFusion planed and already have completed the development of new version of eWiFi 2.0. The new version included new features as majority users asked by email and comments in app store. The new version will submit for review to Apple Inc by eFUSION on Wednesday, February 17. Hope Apple will consider about their iPhone, iPod touch and eWiFi users. eWiFi users will get the new version on their hand as early as Apple will complete their review process. It will bring a change on wifi utility application.

Key Features:
• Access Point Scan
o Scan for OPEN, SECURED(WEP/WPA/WPA2) and Ad-hoc wireless networks
o Sort wireless networks list according to Known Secured, Known Open, Open, Secured, Ad-hoc and network signal strength.
o Display signal strength bar of each network.
o Customize networks display list.

• Auto Scan
o Auto wireless access point scan support.
o Auto scan repeat time setup.
o Scan access points by shaking your device.

• Auto Connect
o Auto connect support.
o Minimum signal strength setup for auto connect.
o Automatically launch Safari/Mail or Exit f r o m eWiFi after connect to wireless network.
o Sound notification during successful auto connection.

• Credentials
o Ability to connect with secure network using credential when network not hidden.
o Ability to save password of SECURED network for farther login.

• Known/Ignore List
o Automatically add access point to the known list when successful connect.
o Ignore a network when want to avoid.
o Functions to remove networks f r o m Known and Ignore list.

• Others
o Last login time display for known networks.
o Wonderful user interface with help in every point.

Pricing: The new version of eWiFi will be free too.

URL: http://www.efusion.co.jp/en/news/2010/20100217-1.html

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