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Strategic Partnership Formed Between Yealink And Lantone Systems Aims To Help Enterprises Counter Escalating Business Costs

Yealink, an award-winning fast-rising proprietary brand in the IP Voice and Video phones market, announced its appointment of Lantone Systems as its Singapore exclusive distributor. Lantone Systems will be responsible for marketing the entire range of Yealink’s professional IP Phones in the local market.

“Rising business costs have always been an important consideration for Singapore enterprises. Businesses want to portray a professional image yet wish to keep infrastructure costs low. Through its high quality and innovative products, which come at a fraction of the prices of existing major brands, Yealink’s product offerings provide a channel to fulfill this need.” said Tan Yen Peng, Business Development Manager at Lantone Systems.

Most Yealink’s products include the high performance TI TITAN CHIP, which offer high definition voice quality through its TI voice engine, HD handset, speaker and codec. Yealink also offers IP Video Phones that include the TI DaVinci chipset and the 300K CMOS sensor camera, which offer high quality imaging 800×480 pixels resolution in 7″ digital TFT-LCD. The appointment of Lantone Systems as Yealink’s Singapore Distributor came at a timely moment. Besides being the largest Digium Gold Reseller in Asia, Lantone Systems is also one of the earliest Asterisk adopter in the region. Just earlier this year, Digium announced an interoperability partnership and certification of the Yealink SIPT2x series IP phones. In addition, Yealink’s enterprise HD IP phones have been compliancetested by Digium for interoperability with Asterisk. This marks the start of a perfect collaboration between Yealink and Lantone Systems.

“Having been in the CTI industry for more than 15 years, and having earned ourselves a trustworthy reputation as the leading providers of innovative telephony solutions, Lantone Systems is confident that we are a suitable partner to assist Yealink in its expansion plans in Singapore. We also believe that Yealink’s reliable and proven handset technology will bring far-reaching benefits to our large base of telephony clients.” said Sandeep Singhania, Technical Director at Lantone Systems. “We are really looking forward to the exciting prospects that will be brought about via this partnership.”

Yealink Video IP Phone featuring TI DaVinci chipset, 300K CMOS Sensor Camera and 7-inch 800 x 480 digital LCD, Touch Screen.

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VoAPPs Takes On Telecom Tasks with telePARTICLES APPs

Today VoAPPs announced the availability of telePARTICLES, a set of “Telecom APPs” that easily integrate into software applications, back office systems, and business processes. Available in an APP Store format, the company is releasing the first 3 telePARTICLES including:

VoAPPs Takes On Telecom Tasks with telePARTICLES APPs

Service Type :
Determines if a telephone number
is a Mobile or a Landline number

Mobile Working Number :
Determines whether a Mobile number is working and dialable

Number Scrubber :
Cleanses a list of phone numbers
to remove duplicates, numbers
with invalid formats, etc.

telePARTICLES are designed to make it easy for people to do Telecom Tasks that should be simple – but that are actually hard to do. “I looked around and realized that it’s really hard to find out if a phone number is a mobile number or a landline number. That led me to wonder why it’s so hard to find out if a mobile number is working or not”, says David King, President of VoAPPs. “I found it inconceivable that this kind of basic telecom information was not available to every Telecom Application, to the average Business Process Manager, or to most Software Developers – so we decided to fix that.”

Most of the Telecom APP providers in the market today are designed to be ‘platforms’ for software developers. They provide basic telephony functions like making a call, recording a caller’s responses, or even building an entire call center. telePARTICLES are different.

telePARTICLES are designed to open up a new and different set of functionality to both software developers and non-developers alike. So, in addition to supporting flat files and providing a RESTful API for developers, most telePARTICLES also support web queries and Excel templates for easy access by Business Process Owners and End Users. Certain telePARTICLE APPs can even be accessed and used from a mobile phone via the company’s Launchpad which can be found at

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DNA Cellular Going Global

DNA Cellular and Data Network Affiliate have partnered with Chris Greco, The King of Wireless Activation. The DNA Partnership will take DNA to go beyond its recent accomplishment of becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the world, bringing in a staggering 100,000+ Independent Distributors in 60 Days. Industry leaders have taken notice and have approached to get partnerships with DNA.

DNA will launch simultaneously in the US and 60+ countries worldwide. Using Technology, save up to 95% of the cost of Telecom today. No Credit Check, No Contracts DNA & Chris Greco the Guru of the cell phone industry will make history with Unlimited Talk & Text for $10 Monthly. Chris Said to D.N.A. “Lets rock the Cellular World with (BEP) Beat everyones Prices and let’s start with Unlimited Talk & Text for $10 Monthly.

Chris give DNA a $10 Monthly Product to sell but DNA can give the field $4 of the $10 This means on this simple $10 Monthly Product DNA will be able to pay out a RESIDUAL $2 monthly to ALL Affiliates and a .20 cent monthly residual over ride to all PRO Affiliates up to TEN LEVELS of Customers. We will be able to offer service to the world, with more options for consumers from day one of our global launch. I-phone users $79.99 per month flat rates. Wow that’s %50 off current cost Family plans for $109 with unlimited talk, text and web.

Free phones with the unlimited text and talk plans (Samsung flip and LGVX 6100 phones). You will be able to tether your phone. Can port phone numbers from any carrier with the exception of China. China would have to get new numbers. Will be able to buy US airtime to send back to friends and family in other countries @ 8 to 20 percent less than the country they are in offer. GSM phones have to be unlocked.

DNA will have over 211 brick and mortar stores that you will be able to utilize for recruiting, obtain services and as a fulfillment center. You can just go to your local DNA store to get help and not have to fool with support tickets like other mlm companies. We will beat everyone in the mlm and retail industry. We will also offer a $19.99 plan for the disabled hearing impaired that gives them unlimited text, email and web. Can you say WOW? We care about you as a distributor, affiliate and customer. We will be the Walmart of the Internet. You will see DNA cellular stores popping up all over the world. Join my team today to position yourself. It’s FREE to join.

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Daisy Confirms North East Presence With Acquisition Site Remaining Open

Daisy Group will now have a permanent base in the North East after confirming its BNS acquisition site, based in Prudhoe, will remain open.

Daisy Confirms North East Presence With Acquisition Site Remaining Open

A leading provider of integrated voice and data services to the small-medium business market, Daisy now adds Northumberland to its business centres in Lancashire, London and the Midlands.

After the acquisition of BNS in February, interim managing director Chris Jagusz, was appointed to ensure business as usual continued in the North East. Following a successful few months and a full review of the business by Daisy, it has been confirmed the BNS site is key to future growth of the Daisy Group with the office remaining operational.

“Before making any decisions about the future of the company and eventual integration we were committed to fully understanding the BNS business,” said Chief Operating Officer Gareth Kirkwood.

“We believe there is a strong business here and we have realised greater synergies than expected, with a cost effective operation in North East.“We have been continually impressed by the quality and enthusiasm of the people at BNS and I am pleased to say that we really do see Prudhoe as being a key part of the Daisy growth story going forward.”

At the time of the acquisition, Daisy’s 29th to date, BNS was recognised by the management team as a well run business.

“With a large base of existing network customers and access to data and IP telephony products, I am convinced that BNS’ product offering will enhance Daisy’s portfolio in its target market of small-medium businesses,” said Kirkwood.

Chris Jagusz, interim MD, added: “As the group anticipates future growth it is important the business has the capabilities in place to support those plans. With the recognised skills within the BNS team and expertise to make more products available to small-medium business customers, it makes absolute sense to retain our presence in the North East.”

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DirectDROP Voicemail Delivers Pre-Recorded Voice Messages – Without Ringing The Phone

Today VoAPPs announced the availability of DirectDROP Voicemail, a hosted service that drops pre-recorded messages straight into someone’s voice mailbox – without ringing the phone.

DirectDROP Voicemail Delivers Pre-Recorded Voice Messages - Without Ringing The Phone

Designed for the commercial outbound messaging market, DirectDROP Voicemail delivers pre-recorded voice messages to scores of recipients at the press of a button. DirectDROP works on any network (mobile or landline) and on any service plan (prepaid, postpaid, or monthly subscriptions). It is compatible with both residential landline telephones and with any mobile handset (feature phones, smartphones, iPhone, etc.). Plus, DirectDROP utilizes voicemail so it offers more reach than other commonly used outbound messaging tools like text and email. In fact, almost all US mobile service plans include voicemail and the penetration of voicemail is nearly 34% for residential phones. That means there are over 300 million voice mailboxes in the US, reaching over 98% of US telephone users over 15 years old.

“The universal nature of DirectDROP makes it perfect for getting a company’s message across” says David King, President of VoAPPs. “Whether it’s an appointment reminder, a flight update or a political campaign call, now outbound messaging users can avoid the customer tension created by an ill-timed phone call.” With DirectDROP Voicemail, companies can send pre-recorded updates, reminders and other timely information directly to their customer’s voice mailbox. Since the voice message bypasses the customer and goes straight to voicemail, it doesn’t ring their phone or leave a missed call indicator.

With DirectDROP Voicemail, the recipient gets a message waiting indicator and then, when they check their voicemail, the DirectDROP voicemail is there waiting for them. They can listen to it, replay it, save it, delete it and manage the voice message just like any other voicemail – it just didn’t ring their phone!

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BT Hits The One Million Spot

BT has announced that it has reached its goal of building a million-strong Wi-Fi hotspot network. Now the largest network in the UK and Ireland, the hotspots are available in homes, independent businesses, high street chains and major city centres.

BT Hits The One Million Spot

BT Wi-Fi users are also on track to spend more than a billion Wi-Fi minutes online this year (April09 – 31 Mar10), a peak attributed in part to the massive growth in UK iPhone traffic. In the last eight months, BT has signed UK deals to provide O2, Orange and Vodafone iPhone customers* with BT Openzone Wi-Fi access.

Gavin Patterson, chief executive officer, BT Retail, said: “Whether at home, at work, or when out and about, wireless access is central to keeping people and communities better connected. We’ve grown from 500,000 to one million hotspots within six months, and will continue to add more to meet demand from smart-phone, laptop, iPod and now e-reader users.”

The million-strong Wi-Fi estate comprises hotspots from the BT FON Wi-Fi Community, BT Openzone, plus BT Openzone hotspots via the BT Business Hub. Well-known brands offering access include Hilton, Thistle, Ramada Jarvis and Macdonald hotel chains, Caffe Nero and Starbucks coffee stores, Welcome Break and RoadChef Costa service stations, British Airways, Star Alliance, American Airlines and SkyTeam airport lounges plus other UK transport hubs.

Five million BT consumer and business broadband – plus BT Mobile Broadband – customers have inclusive Wi-Fi minutes in their contracts to surf, work or make cheaperVoIP calls. Casual users can buy access from as little as 1/2p per minute. BT Openzone customers can access a further 65,000 hotspots in the UK and overseas through international roaming partners. BT FON members have access to another 225,000 FON (hot) spots in the UK and worldwide.

The millionth hotspot is now live and BT will launch a competition on Thursday 11th February. Further information can be found via the BTOpenzone Twitter feed.

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Daisy Celebrates Apprentice Successes

Senior managers from a leading telecoms provider will pledge to invest in the skills of its 850-strong workforce during National Apprenticeship Week.

Every member of Daisy’s Leadership team will vow their commitment to learning and development of their staff by each providing an imprint of their right hand.

This will be displayed at the company’s head office in Lancashire as a symbol of the company’s shared vision and commitment to its staff.

Daisy, one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK providing business broadband, phonelines and mobile business broadband, currently has a dozen apprentices all working towards customer service and business administration NVQs.

One particular Daisy success story is Ryan Lowe, a customer retentions advisor, who at 19-years-old was promoted to team leader to cover maternity leave.

Ryan, who carried out a Level 3 NVQ in Business Administration, said “I had to grow up fast in order to lead a team successfully and it has really made me think about working towards a managerial role in the future.”

Hazel Warhurst, Group Head of HR at Daisy said: “It is vital to invest in staff if you want them to grow within the business. Providing training and development helps them learn that you value their role within the business and that they are key in the business’s future plans.

“Daisy has a very low staff churn rate because we take time to nurture their needs and ensure they have room for growth.

“Recently we went from a 280 to an 850 staff company and are looking to recruit even more. Making sure all those 850 employees are happy in their roles is no easy task, but with a shared commitment from the senior team, we are confident we can make it happen.

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Doctor Doctor, I Feel Great!

Fun, sun and cocktails were the order of the day for staff at a leading telecoms firm in a bid to combat the winter blues.

A luau was held across Daisy’s UK-wide offices on Monday, February 1st, which is statistically known to be the day on which staff across the UK are most likely to take a ‘sickie’.

The company hoped the event would help erase the common mix of post-Christmas blues, general burn-out and the seemingly distant summer by providing staff with extra incentives to come to work – and enjoy it.

As staff dragged themselves to work on what was a cold, dreary Monday, they were met with a hula girl and Polynesian guy, who presented them with a pick-me-up non- alcoholic cocktail and flower lei.

A Hawaiian chill-out area was set up in the offices, where staff could relax during break times and an inter-office limbo competition was held to raise a few laughs during lunch. A raffle was also held to give staff the chance of winning free lunches for a week.

Daisy Chief Operating Officer, Gareth Kirkwood, said: “We never want to think that our staff would consider taking a ‘sickie’ because they cannot face the day that lies ahead of them.

“It doesn’t take much effort to raise a smile and a laugh and that is exactly what we were trying to do on our Hawaiaan themed day.

“If our staff are happy, our customers are happy and while it may cost money to hold such events, a contented workforce is a priceless commodity in a company which prides itself on customer service.”

About Daisy Group PLC
Daisy Group PLC is a leading provider of integrated voice and data services to the small-medium business market providing key services such as business broadband and mobile business broadband.

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BT Plans Communication Integration To Reduce Mobile Costs For Small Businesses

BT has announced plans to integrate the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (MVS) technology from Research In Motion (RIM) with BT Communications Complete (based on the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series platform).

The planned new offering will enable BlackBerry smartphone users to take advantage of Wi-Fi networks in the office for voice calls. The solution enables users to switch from Wi-Fi to cellular networks, even in mid-call, allowing small to medium-sized business to reduce mobile airtime costs and be more productive.

Business users will be able to enjoy all the out-of-the-office conveniences of their BlackBerry smartphone – access to contacts, calls, applications and email anywhere – when they are in the office, but without the usually higher mobile airtime costs.

With features like a single voicemail box, the development will also eliminate the time wasted listening to and answering messages on multiple voicemails – making users easier to contact and potentially giving them quicker response times to customers and colleagues’ queries.

Users can choose to be contacted using just one number and, by incorporating BT’s One Plan Plus into BT Communications Complete, firms can make intra-company calls (including mobile calls) without incurring call-forwarding charges.

“The solution will enable the delivery of unified communications tools for small to medium-sized businesses, which previously only benefited larger firms,” said Bill Murphy, managing director, BT Business. “Technologies that better integrate key business processes, reduce costs and keep workers in touch with customers regardless of location, help firms to operate more effectively and to be in better shape for the upturn when it comes.”

“Small and medium-sized businesses have the same concerns as all of us – driving down costs and delivering a better customer experience. Unified communications can support those two objectives. The new service will bring together the strengths of all three companies – Cisco, BT and RIM – to deliver a great offer for companies of all sizes,” said Rick Moran, vice president of marketing, Cisco.

About BT
BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services operating in 170 countries. Its principal activities include the provision of networked IT services globally; local, national and international telecommunications services to our customers for use at home, at work and on the move; broadband and internet products and services and converged fixed/mobile products and services. BT consists principally of four lines of business: BT Global Services, Openreach, BT Retail and BT Wholesale.

In the year ended 31 March 2009, BT Group’s revenue was £21,390 million. British Telecommunications plc (BT) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BT Group plc and encompasses virtually all businesses and assets of the BT Group. BT Group plc is listed on stock exchanges in London and New York.

About BT Business
BT Business understands the challenges that businesses face in the current climate, and supports cost control, improved productivity and winning business through product collections including business broadband & internet, domainsweb hosting, data & voice networks, IT support and mobile services.

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