Pay As You Go Mobile Deals On The Increase

Pay as you go mobile phone deals are becoming increasingly popular as customers aim to save money by leaving their contracted services, according to a popular money-saving website.

According to, a website dedicated to reviewing free stuff online, orders of SIM cards – ready to be placed inside unlocked mobile handsets – have gone through the roof.

“Over the past year we have seen a massive increase in the number of free SIM cards and SIM only deals being requested”, said Andy Varley, founder of

“SIM only and pay as you go deals offer customers greater control over how much they spend. It seems people are tired of being locked into a long-term contract and then paying over the odds for mobile services. Although contracted deals often provide ample free texts and call minutes, many users struggle to use their allocated amount. As such, they’re not getting value for money”.

The trend has been bolstered by the majority of mobile networks now heavily promoting pay as you go deals. Unlike five years ago where these packages were fairly limited, consumers can now benefit from free minutes and texts, along with generous data allowances. This is great news for smartphone users who until recently were forced to opt for the contract option.

However, some people on a tight budget who want the latest handsets may still prefer a 18-month or even 24-month contract as this is often the easiest way to spread the cost.

“One downside of SIM only deals is that consumers have to purchase a handset outright. With a contract phone the cost can be spread over a manageable period, so although pay as you go is certainly becoming more popular, contract phones are still selling well”, said Varley.

Via EPR Network
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