Firstnumber Welcomes The Proposals To Cut EU Mobile ‘Roaming’ Prices

The recent proposal of cuts being made to mobile phone roaming charges while in the EU has been widely acclaimed by Firstnumber, a service provider that offer cheap international calls from anywhere in the UK.

The proposal made by the European Commission is aimed at reducing mobile phone costs when making calls, sending texts and browsing the internet anywhere in the EU. With the intention of making it the same price as it costs when at home. The EC have stated that it costs roughly £2 per megabyte to download when abroad without any current maximum cap set. To make a call it is currently 31p per minute and 10p per minute to receive a call.

The proposed plans if agreed the will come into force in 2014, and set a maximum cap to data charges set at 45p for data per megabyte. Calling will be reduced to 22p when making a call and 9p when receiving a call per minute.

A spokes from Firstnumber has stated that “this proposal is long over due and consumers have been charged at an unreasonable rate for too long. These plans help match what consumers expect to pay and will hopefully increase competition and choice within the market, whilst helping to create better offers for consumers.”

The Firstnumber spokesperson also went on to suggested it’s important that cheap international calls are made even more readily available to everyone and that it doesn’t stop with this proposal.

The proposal includes the recommendation that mobile customers will be able to opt for a separate cheaper mobile contract that will allow for cheaper roaming costs and will use the same number and SIM card.

Firstnumber advises all users before going on holiday to remember the following tips that may help you from being caught out – Start by using Wi-Fi wherever possible, as there will be many hotspots within all major cities, secondly, try short texts to help stay in touch and forget about worrying for every minute on the phone. Lastly, check before leaving for a holiday with the phone operator and make sure of all the data charges and price to call.

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BT Launches New Range Of Cameras In Time For Summer

One of the UK’s leading online electronics and technology retailers BT Shop has announced the release of a new range of camcorders and cameras in time for the summer holiday season.

With schools around the country preparing to break up in the next few days and people everywhere counting down until their own summer holiday, BT Shop has ensured that everyone will be able to afford to keep a record of their time in the sun.

The company’s range of digital cameras and camcorders are made by some of the most trusted names in the industry – the likes of Pentax, Kodak and Samsung. All the models on offer have a huge variety of shooting options to choose from, but are also simple for novices to use. So whether you’re a budding David Bailey or just prefer to point and click, there is sure to be a model to suit your needs.

The Kodak EASYSHARE C143 silver digital camera has proved extremely popular with people looking for a simple way to take pictures and capture memories forever. Its 2GB SD card will ensure that you won’t run out of space in a hurry, while the camera’s Easyshare technology means it is possible to upload your pictures to the internet within seconds.

Caroline Hodgson, Executive at BT Shop, said: “Everyone wants to be able to capture great images when they’re on holiday and with our range of digital cameras and digital camcorders, taking fantastic photos has never been easier. There is a large range available to choose from and like all products at BT Shop, everything is competitively priced.”

For photographers who like to get active, the Fuji FinePix XP30 is sure to appeal. With its rugged build, 14.2-megapixel resolution and five times wide zoom, it is able to perform in the most demanding conditions and provide fantastic shots every time.

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BT’s Accessibility Phones Make It Easier For You To Stay Connected

BT’s most useful range of home phones can help you to dial more easily, improve the volume of your calls and know exactly who is calling before you even pick up the handset.

Landline handsets in the Big Button, Converse, Freestyle and Paragon ranges are carefully designed to assist you with hearing or sight difficulties, and allow you the freedom to control how you communicate with people.

Caroline Hodgson, BT Shop Executive says: “Our most popular phone, the Big Button 100, lives up to its name with large, generously-spaced buttons. It also has straightforward volume controls and can be used with a hearing aid, via an inductive coupler. It is recommended for people with impairments to their sight, hearing, speech, mobility and dexterity; and also those who are uncomfortable with technology.”

The Converse, Freestyle and Paragon phones can also be used with a hearing aid – and each has its own additional set of useful features, depending on your requirements.

For example, the Converse 2200 can also be used hands-free or with a headset; uses less energy than most types of phone; and can be mounted on a wall for easy access. Alternatively, the Paragon 550 is equipped with an answerphone which operates via the handset or a speaker option. Other models include the Converse 2300 and the Paragon 650, which have additional capabilities such as speed dialling and text messaging.

The Freestyle 710 and 750 are light, cordless models, allowing them to be used in different rooms of the home while still retaining many of the features that make BT’s traditional corded phones so useful, including hearing aid compatibility.

If you visit BT’s website, you can find out a lot more about accessibility phones and disability phones.

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BT Home Hub 3 Makes A Strong Connection With Sleek New Look

The new BT Home Hub 3 combines a glossy new design with superb practical benefits, including a powerful signal range, high-level energy efficiency and the ability to seek out the best BT connection available.

Like previous Home Hub models, the BT Home Hub 3 connects devices around the home, providing a central focus for a household’s landline, mobile phone, wireless networking, broadband internet and television services. It operates either using a wireless signal or wires, depending on the preference of each user.

However, the new BT Home Hub 3 boasts BT’s best ever wireless signal. Known as‘smart wireless’, the system detects and automatically selects the strongest channel available.

Caroline Hodgson, BT Shop Executive says: “Once connected, BT’s latest Hub constantly monitors the signal for interference or other problems – and, if it detects any issues, it will switch to a preferable channel. The Hub uses wireless‘N’ technology, which reflects wireless signals around rooms and improves overall coverage in your home.”

The BT Home Hub 3 also has superb energy efficiency properties, including the ability to automatically switch to ‘low power’ mode when not connected. Full power is always restored if it reconnects or is prompted by internet traffic.

Like the Home Hub v2.0, the Hub 3 looks stylish in smooth black, but in a much more compact form. With the added benefits of protective Wi-Fi security and easy setup with help from an accessible user guide, the BT Home Hub 3 is the perfect choice for helping your household work in harmony.

The BT Home Hub 3 retails at £91.90 with the Infinity Welcome Pack or ADSL Welcome Pack.

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Valued Opinions Australia Launch First Smartphone Application With Full Survey Functionality

Research Now, owners of the Valued Opinions’ panels, has announced the launch of its mobile app in Australia. ‘Valued OpinionsMobile’ for Android and iPhone is the first version of the app and the first smartphone app with full survey functionality.

The app can be used to gather responses to an array of research needs, from short surveys to instant feedback polls, and has been designed to provide many benefits for both researchers and panellists.

Researchers have access to real-time data and can gather more accurate responses. Full survey functionality enables researchers to target hard to reach segments, such as younger audiences and those who live in remote areas of Australia and may not have a reliable internet service.

Panellists benefit as they can now complete mobile surveys and manage their account without the need to log on to a computer, meaning they can voice their opinion no matter where they are. Members simply click on the survey they would like to complete and the survey downloads to their phone, along with any images which are cached on the device. Members can then answer the survey questions at their convenience, pause during a survey if necessary, and continue at a later time, all without an internet connection. Panellists also benefit from constant access to their reward balance, a new reward history, direct access to the Member Service team as well as comprehensive FAQs.

The app is designed so that Valued Opinions’ members can take paid surveys in Australia without an internet connection (other than for receiving the survey and sending the responses back at the end of the survey). So if a member happens to be on the train, a plane or somewhere without internet coverage, they are still able to complete surveys.

Thomas Lapperger, Vice president, panel marketing and CRM at Valued Opinions, said:
“The Valued Opinions Mobile app, as well as our newly designed website, has been created to enhance our members’ experience by providing relevant information, even on the go. This app allows our members to stay in touch with the Valued Opinions community wherever they happen to be, and is one of the many steps we are taking to provide the best service to them. Members sharing their opinions with us and being rewarded for their time are key ingredients to the success of Valued Opinions.”

The ‘Valued Opinions Mobile’ app is free to download via iTunes for the iPhone version and the Marketplace for the Android app.

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