Two-year Old Accidentally Leaks News Of A Plot To Lock Out Protesters When Playing With Phone, Firstnumber Advises Parental Caution

Following news that a two-year-old girl accidentally leaked plans to lock out dock workers in Australia, cheap call provider Firstnumber advises parents to keep their mobiles to themselves.

Shipping company Patrick Stevedores has been caught planning to lock wharfs in Australia out of the docks, thanks to the curiosity of a two-year-old.

The revelation has caused relationships between opposing sides of a long running disagreement between dock workers, with some saying the dispute could reignite disagreements first aired in 1998. According to the Herald Sun, this could put the jobs of hundreds of Melbourne workers at risk.

News of the potential lock out was accidentally leaked after the lead negotiator, Mick O’Leary, was found to have left an inflammatory voicemail on the mobile phone of his union counterpart. However, O’Leary was not aware he was being recorded at the time, and the message was left accidentally when his two-year-old niece dialled the number of Garry Keane while playing with his phone.

In the controversial three minute recording, O’Leary can be heard detailing a plan to take on dock workers. The incident has prompted Firstnumber, international call experts, to issue a reminder to parents. “There are few things as tempting to young children as phones, especially of the mobile variety. There’s something about the shape, size and the air of the forbidden that makes them magnets for small hands.

“Smartphones have only increased the appeal, and many parents are happy to hand over their gadgets for the sake of a few peaceful minutes. However, these phones aren’t made for children.”

Following the discovery of the message, which suggests that Patrick will lock dock workers out for a month beginning at the start of June, union officials have spoken out about the tactics employed by the lead negotiator and the shipping company.

O’Leary, who was once himself an official of the Maritime Union of Australia has attracted criticism from the organization. Responding to claims that Patrick was planning to reignite the worst of the 1998 dispute, a spokesperson for the company claimed that O’Leary was not speaking for the company, and that he had exceeding his authority.

Patrick now claims a ‘lock out’ is a last resort. However, the damage to its and O’Leary’s reputation may already be done opines cheap mobile call providers Firstnumber. A spokesperson elaborated: “It’s an unfortunate situation for Mr O’Leary to find himself in. Obviously his plans were not meant to be shared, and we have no way of knowing how accurate his message was.

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