Save A Bundle Calling Family And Friends This Christmas With Firstnumber’s – – Cheap International Calls

Christmas is a costly occasion at the best of times, and this year shoppers are expected to collectively fork out a staggering £500m in the hunt for the perfect gift.

Thankfully cheap call provider – – is on hand to help holiday shoppers save a bundle when calling friends and family abroad to wish them a Merry Christmas; not matter where they might be. – whose slogan is ‘where cheap calls cost pennies’ – currently offers over 250 access codes that allow consumers and businesses alike to make cheap international calls at a heavily discounted rate.

Company spokesperson Andy Steele hopes Firstnumber’s service will give callers even more to celebrate:

“Nobody should have to pay through the nose to speak to family and friends; especially at a special time of year like Christmas.

“In today’s climate, more and more of us are living, travelling and working abroad which means greater numbers of families are celebrating a cross-continental Christmas.

“At Firstnumber we’re proud to do our bit to add to the festive cheer by offering callers unlimited access to our direct dial discount service which gives you the freedom to speak for as long as your like on mobiles and landlines without worrying about the costs.”

Direct dial access codes work by placing a designated code in front of the number you wish to call.

The code then applies a discounted rate allowing users to call destinations such as China from as little as 1p a minute.

This year has also seen Firstnumber highlight the kind of market leading savings its service provides via its ‘Twelve Savings of Christmas’ feature –

The feature illustrates the various locations customers can dial and what the savings made equate to Christmas terms.

For example, callers dialling Brazil – – for 45 minutes can stand to save £40.50 – roughly the price of a Christmas tree – in comparison to what they would usually pay using a standard BT line, without the Firstnumber discount.

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Enter a New Revolution of Technology With Unlocked Phones From Cellhut

The speed at which information travels has kept up with the march of technology and Cellhut is there to deliver the goods with every new incantation of products. The biggest manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola release new products all the time and it is up to the right website to ensure that they stock them.

Phone can do so much now. Even more so than they could five years ago, the capabilities of unlocked technology increases with each year so it is no surprise that people might get annoyed with how many products come out. Cellhut is here to ensure that people don’t get confused with the whole slew of products that emerge every year.

Take control of the future with a new unlocked phone.

Motorola Quench XT3 unlocked for $259.99

Motorola has performed an amazing feat with this device. It takes the looks of a touch phone and combines it with the authority of a business phone to give people a device that takes advantage of both worlds. If getting things done and looking good are two important things to you, then the XT3 will be an essential choice.

This and other great unlocked phones are available from Cellhut at

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