Rackspace Hosts Over 3 Million Daily Transactions With Vodafone M-PESA

Rackspace Hosting, the world’s leading specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry, has announced that it has been chosen by Vodafone to host and support the M-PESA platform.

M-PESA is a platform designed to provide a fast, safe and easy way to transfer money from person to person and is a valuable service in emerging economies where there is little or no existing banking infrastructure outside the major cities. It is now available in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Afghanistan and Fiji and boasts over 16 million customers.

Neil Dwyer, Vodafone’s senior operations manager said: “Rackspace has a long history of being able to meet demand quickly and we are delighted to work with them in order to deliver this important and increasingly popular service. It is essential for us to work with a hosting company that can provide 24/7 support and comprehensive security. Rackspace has proven their ability to deliver and their rapid response times allow us to scale quickly and effectively to meet peaks in demand.”

Vodafone has recently announced plans to introduce M-PESA to other countries where the traditional banking infrastructure is low and mobile phone penetration is high.

Rackspace managing director David Kelly commented: “We’re excited to be working with Vodafone on this project and look forward to seeing how it develops across the world to support those people who currently do not have access to banks and in turn help them to become more economically active through the application of innovative technology.”

As part of the deal, Rackspace utilises satellite streaming technology to send and receive real time transaction data using clustered database servers. It also provides managed back-up and dedicated server hosting of all application and web servers.

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Firstnumber.co.uk – Urges Tourists To The Papal Visit 2010 Not To Get Caught Out By Costly Phone Bills

cheap international call provider is urging foreign visitors attending the Pope’s tour of the UK not to get caught out by expensive mobile calls.

Thousands of people from across Europe and beyond are expected to descend on the UK to catch a glimpse of the Holy Father and attend one of a number of masses that will be held during his stay.

While 100,000 pilgrims from the British Isles are set to attend Glasgow’s open air mass, thousands more are set the travel from abroad to take part in numerous religious celebrations.

The Pope’s visit to Scotland in particular is expected to boost the country’s economy by a staggering £8.5 million as hotels, restaurants and public transport feels the benefit of hosting a major global figure.

Now cheap call provider – Firstnumber.co.uk – is doing its bit to help foreign consumers slash their telephone bills by providing discount rates to landlines and mobiles for callers dialling abroad from the UK.

Firstnumber.co.uk currently offers over 250 access codes that allow consumers and businesses alike to make cheap international calls at a heavily discounted rate.

Company spokesperson Andy Steele hopes Firstnumber will become one of a number of services that pilgrims can use to help reduce their phone bills.

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IPTV Goes MLM – Triniti Communications Launching HD 1080p IPTV Future Of Television

Triniti Communications International will soon be unveiling Spirit Mobile, our international wireless phone service for both personal and business mobile phone customers that will literally change the way the game is played in the wireless phone service industry! Get Paid Marketing Prepaid Wireless HD 1080p IPTV Future of TV, Voip, Home Phone Service, Broadband Home Security AND High Speed Internet

And shortly behind the release of Spirit Mobile, we will be unveiling our new, revolutionary and exclusive MoIP international calling service called Spirit World that will allow you to make free international calls to 60 plus countries.

Triniti Communications Spirit Mobile’s answer to Verizon’s Motorola Droid and at&t’s Apple iPhone. The NeoIBall 5.75 by NeoI is a revolutionary Google Android-powered, 3G, global GSM/CDMA smartphone designed to give you all the power and sophistication you need for both your personal and business lives. And the best part of it all is that it is Nuclius Ready and well equipped to unlock the magic and power of Nuclius while you are on the go worldwide.

Triniti Communications International will set the new standard for the use of this technology in our lives as we continue to make the constant transition to a completely digital world. Instead of traditional marketing and advertising methods, our Family of Independent Representatives are the voice who will introduce people to Triniti Communications International.

Triniti Communications International the right Network Marketing opportunity coupled with the right products and services mix is the foundation for a virtually indestructible and highly profitable business model that companies who operate under the traditional business model simply cannot compete with.

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