Strategic Partnership Formed Between Yealink And Lantone Systems Aims To Help Enterprises Counter Escalating Business Costs

Yealink, an award-winning fast-rising proprietary brand in the IP Voice and Video phones market, announced its appointment of Lantone Systems as its Singapore exclusive distributor. Lantone Systems will be responsible for marketing the entire range of Yealink’s professional IP Phones in the local market.

“Rising business costs have always been an important consideration for Singapore enterprises. Businesses want to portray a professional image yet wish to keep infrastructure costs low. Through its high quality and innovative products, which come at a fraction of the prices of existing major brands, Yealink’s product offerings provide a channel to fulfill this need.” said Tan Yen Peng, Business Development Manager at Lantone Systems.

Most Yealink’s products include the high performance TI TITAN CHIP, which offer high definition voice quality through its TI voice engine, HD handset, speaker and codec. Yealink also offers IP Video Phones that include the TI DaVinci chipset and the 300K CMOS sensor camera, which offer high quality imaging 800×480 pixels resolution in 7″ digital TFT-LCD. The appointment of Lantone Systems as Yealink’s Singapore Distributor came at a timely moment. Besides being the largest Digium Gold Reseller in Asia, Lantone Systems is also one of the earliest Asterisk adopter in the region. Just earlier this year, Digium announced an interoperability partnership and certification of the Yealink SIPT2x series IP phones. In addition, Yealink’s enterprise HD IP phones have been compliancetested by Digium for interoperability with Asterisk. This marks the start of a perfect collaboration between Yealink and Lantone Systems.

“Having been in the CTI industry for more than 15 years, and having earned ourselves a trustworthy reputation as the leading providers of innovative telephony solutions, Lantone Systems is confident that we are a suitable partner to assist Yealink in its expansion plans in Singapore. We also believe that Yealink’s reliable and proven handset technology will bring far-reaching benefits to our large base of telephony clients.” said Sandeep Singhania, Technical Director at Lantone Systems. “We are really looking forward to the exciting prospects that will be brought about via this partnership.”

Yealink Video IP Phone featuring TI DaVinci chipset, 300K CMOS Sensor Camera and 7-inch 800 x 480 digital LCD, Touch Screen.

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A UK based call provider has pledged to help football fans and their families avoid extortionate mobile bills with cheap international calls to South Africa during the World Cup. Aims To Help Football Fans Avoid Rocketing Phone Bills During South African World Cup

Following a report by the Telegraph and mobile phone analyst Billmonitor, it was revealed that fans using British mobiles in South Africa could expect to pay a staggering £410 for just two week’s worth of calls and texts.

Even using the UK’s cheapest mobile phone network – Virgin Mobile – could result in a bill of around £201 due to ‘roaming’ fees.

Despite being thousands of miles away, friends and family could also suffer the cost of keeping in touch with South Africa but this needn’t be the case when using an affordable direct dial access code with the likes of Firstnumber. currently offers over 250 access codes that allow consumers and businesses alike to make cheap international calls at a heavily discounted rate. spokesperson Andy Steele hopes the service will allow football fans and those trying to contact them make drastic savings.

“Since UK mobile phone aren’t protected by price caps outside the European Union, there’s no limit as to how much someone can be charged for phone calls, texts and data transfer.

“A great way to avoid bills of hundreds of pounds is to pick up a cheap South African sim card. This lets you communicate with other people in the country at local rates but also allows friends and family back in the UK to get in touch for as little as 4p a minute with Firstnumber’s direct dial access code.”

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