Consumers Can Protect Against Credit Card Fraud By Using Direct Dial Access Numbers Says Cheap International Call Provider

A UK based cheap international call provider is attempting to combat the rise of credit card fraud by providing consumers with a telecoms service that doesn’t require card details or up front payment.

Consumers Can Protect Against Credit Card Fraud By Using Direct Dial Access Numbers Says Cheap International Call Provider currently offers over 250 access codes that allow consumers and businesses to make cheap international calls – – at a heavily discounted rate.

When using the service, consumers simply input an access code before the number they wish to dial and the cost of the call – starting from 1p per minute – is then added to their monthly phone bill. spokesperson Andy Steele hopes the service will provide callers with more options that don’t involve parting with sensitive, personal information at a time when credit card fraud is on the rise.

“Online credit card fraud in the UK rose by 55% in 2009 alone. Despite this startling statistic, consumers – particularly those of us who shop online – are still parting with personal data and financial details in potentially unsecured environments.

“The easiest way to wipe out fraud is to eliminate credit card use altogether which is why Firstnumber’s service doesn’t require an account to be set up, upfront payment or personal details of any sort.”

Despite the introduction of chip and PIN in 2006, last year saw banks and consumers fork out a record £39 million to cover the costs of online banking fraud.

Although banks have done their bit to keep up to speed with the latest security technologies, 90 per cent of online credit card related fraud is linked to computer owners entering their details on unsecured home computers.

‘Phishing scams’ – whereby consumers are lured into handing over personal information – also rose to 26,000 over the course of 2009.

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VoAPPs Takes On Telecom Tasks with telePARTICLES APPs

Today VoAPPs announced the availability of telePARTICLES, a set of “Telecom APPs” that easily integrate into software applications, back office systems, and business processes. Available in an APP Store format, the company is releasing the first 3 telePARTICLES including:

VoAPPs Takes On Telecom Tasks with telePARTICLES APPs

Service Type :
Determines if a telephone number
is a Mobile or a Landline number

Mobile Working Number :
Determines whether a Mobile number is working and dialable

Number Scrubber :
Cleanses a list of phone numbers
to remove duplicates, numbers
with invalid formats, etc.

telePARTICLES are designed to make it easy for people to do Telecom Tasks that should be simple – but that are actually hard to do. “I looked around and realized that it’s really hard to find out if a phone number is a mobile number or a landline number. That led me to wonder why it’s so hard to find out if a mobile number is working or not”, says David King, President of VoAPPs. “I found it inconceivable that this kind of basic telecom information was not available to every Telecom Application, to the average Business Process Manager, or to most Software Developers – so we decided to fix that.”

Most of the Telecom APP providers in the market today are designed to be ‘platforms’ for software developers. They provide basic telephony functions like making a call, recording a caller’s responses, or even building an entire call center. telePARTICLES are different.

telePARTICLES are designed to open up a new and different set of functionality to both software developers and non-developers alike. So, in addition to supporting flat files and providing a RESTful API for developers, most telePARTICLES also support web queries and Excel templates for easy access by Business Process Owners and End Users. Certain telePARTICLE APPs can even be accessed and used from a mobile phone via the company’s Launchpad which can be found at

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Colocation America Announces Energy Efficient Data Centers

Colocation America, a leading colocation server hosting company, announced today its use of top-of-the-line, energy efficient power sources, which use significantly less power than companies with in-house data centers.

Efficient energy production reduces the impact on the environment and helps keep the air from excessive carbon emissions. Additionally, Colocation America reduces its carbon footprint by using email instead of paper for all internal and client communications.

“While colocation hosting is essential for businesses to prosper in this technological age, we do not want it to come at the expense of future generations,” says Shawn Jacobs, Marketing Director at Colocation America. “By providing lightning fast, reliable colocation hosting while maintaining energy-efficient standards, Colocation America is helping to keep the planet cleaner for everybody. At Colocation America, we are working toward a responsible balance to help the environment.”

Companies that use in-house data centers typically require more energy than Colocation America data centers. Colocation America manages hardware at optimal efficiency levels and hires network engineers with the expert knowledge on how to setup, configure, and manage every piece of equipment for maximum efficiency. With Colocation America’s highly trained colocation hosting experts and efficient technology, companies can reduce expenses while helping the environment.

“We keep every piece of hardware and software working at superior levels in order to provide the best colocation hosting service while using less energy,” says Jacobs.“With data centers in four states across the country, our efficient data centers reduce a lot of excess carbon while giving businesses the foundation to handle current needs and anticipated growth.”

Companies are using Colocation America’s colocation and dedicated server hosting to plan for future growth with financial and environmental benefits. Instead of purchasing, maintaining, and running hardware that is not needed now, but needed for future expansion, Colocation America offers easily scalable colocation options. As a result, businesses use only the power necessary for their business at any given time, saving money and reducing their carbon footprint.

“Constantly monitoring network performance with highly trained and certified network engineers produces both energy efficiency and unparalleled data transmissions and protection for our colocation hosting customers,” says Jacobs. “With Colocation America you can focus on business strategy knowing your vital data is available and secure, backed by 24-7-365 expert technical support.”

Customers looking for energy-efficient, reliable colocation hosting based on state-of-the-art software and hardware, certified and experienced engineers, and leading service partners, are encouraged to visit to learn more about Colocation America’s colocation, dedicated server hosting, and managed server hosting.

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Verizon Wireless Store Bedford MA

If you are simply in the market for a new Verizon phone and matching accessories or If you are in need of some technical consulting, help with setting up FIOS services, our staff is ready to help you find what is just right for you. Now, under new management, our esteemed staff is a team of friendly new faces who are willing and eager to help you with meeting all of your personal shopping needs, leaving you with the feeling of a pleasant shopping experience and sense of gratification.

verizonimage2.jpg (396×297)

We believe whole heartedly in treating our valued customers just as we, ourselves, would expect to be treated if it were us on the other side of the counter. If you come in with questions related to your intended purchases or services you would like help with, we want you to ask. If we don’t have the answers right off hand, we will get them for you. Here, we are all about working to meet your specific needs as our customer and having you walk away feeling informed and satisfied with your purchase.

Our store is conveniently located and easy to find. There is plenty of room to casually browse through without the stuffy, high pressure, boxed-in feeling you get from most other stores. With the pleasant greetings and precise, individual service you will receive once you walk in our doors, you are sure to feel as if you’ve stepped into a neighbor’s for an afternoon visit rather than a simple, impersonal stop-and-shop. As our customer, your needs come first and our enthusiastic, well informed staff are always happy to assist you in any way possible.

In addition to the services listed above, our knowledgeable, attentive staff can help you with other things such as bills overview or transferring information to new devices. We value your business and we thrive on customer satisfaction the first time around, paying special attention and we know you will have no objections on coming back to us with your future needs.

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uVuMobile Delivers The Pentagon Channel to Mobile Phones Worldwide

uVuMobile™, Inc. ( UVUM.PK ), a mobility solutions and content aggregator, today announced that they have partnered with the Pentagon Channel to deliver live programming to video enabled mobile phones and military personnel around the world.

uVuMobile Delivers The Pentagon Channel to Mobile Phones Worldwide

The uVuMobile VXStream platform, which allows content providers like The Pentagon Channel to offer comprehensive suites of rich media to consumers, is providing soldiers on the move, and even loved ones at home, a new way of keeping up-to-date on the news and programming that affect their daily lives.

Members of the military community, including the Pentagon Channel’s audience of more than 2.6 million members of the U.S. armed forces, will be able to access live broadcasts of military news and information through their cell phones, anytime of day and in any worldwide location with a cellular connection. Thanks to the uVuMobile partnership, news updates and programming from the channel can be viewed at home and overseas on most video enabled feature phones – including Blackberries, Palms, Google’s Nexus One, and Windows Smartphones.

Utilizing the growing popularity of live video streaming to cell phones, this partnership furthers the mission of The Pentagon Channel. The channel, which was designed by the Department of Defense to enhance timely communications for members of the armed forces, provides 24-hour information and media to viewers, which include 1.4 million active duty service members, 1.2 million members of the National Guard and Reserves, and the 650,000 employees of the Department of Defense.

“We are excited to be working with The Pentagon Channel to deliver its programming to mobile phones, worldwide and to play a role in ensuring our troops are informed with the latest military news on a real-time basis,” said Richard Seifert, President and CEO, uVuMobile. “Our VXStream platform will ensure a high quality and robust experience to the millions of military and civilian personnel who view this valuable resource.”

Subscribers to the video streaming service will have access to the entire slate of The Pentagon.

Channel programming including: Department of Defense news briefings, Daily News Updates, Fit for Duty, The American Veteran, The Grill Sergeants, Pacific Report, interviews with top Defense officials and short stories about the work of our military.

Users can access the new service by going to on their mobile phone.

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Colocation America Announces 100% Uptime for 2009

Colocation America, a leading colocation server hosting company, announced today its achievement of 100% uptime for colocation hosting and dedicated server hosting for all of 2009. Colocation America’s constant uptime is a result of its rigorous standards for redundant power, premium bandwidth, hardware and software quality, and employee training and certification. Colocation America guarantees 100% uptime on all its hosting services.

“The difference between 99.99% uptime and 100% uptime could mean significant loss of revenue and diminished reputation, not to mention dissatisfied customers,” says Michael Trunkett, President of Colocation America. “That’s why Colocation America doesn’t offer less than 100% uptime for all colocation hosting and dedicated server hosting clients.”

Constant uptime and connectivity contributes to employees receiving up-to-the-minute information and maintaining high performance. With Colocation America’s 100% uptime guarantee, businesses can deliver attentive and responsive customer support. Businesses no longer have to work as diligently to counter the damage that any downtime could inflict on their reputation.

“Colocation America’s mission is to provide you with the IT foundation you need to perform seamlessly in every area, including super-fast data transmissions, clear VOIP and web video conferencing, and 100% uptime,” says Trunkett. “The 100% uptime achieved in 2009 is exactly what our customers can rely on, so you never have to worry about delays or system failures.”

To achieve 100% uptime in 2009, Colocation America’s data centers combined several redundancies in each data center including multiple points of entry, constant monitoring of network configuration, failsafe routing, and the continuous attention of highly skilled network engineers. Colocation America guarantees that level of service to every client at all times.

“You need reliable coloacation and dedicated server hosting not only to function well as a business, but to establish yourself as an industry leader,” said Trunkett.“We scrutinize every step of the hosting process to maximize security, efficiency, and reliability so you get 100% uptime, 100% dependability, and 100% satisfaction.”

Customers looking for reliable colocation hosting and 100% uptime based on state-of-the-art software and hardware, certified and experienced engineers, and leading service partners are encouraged to visit to learn more about Colocation America’s colocation, dedicated server hosting, and managed server hosting.

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