eFUSION Announced eWiFi Reached 1.5 Million Downloads And V2.0 Is Going To Submit For Apple’s Review

eFUSION announced that the most popular utility application in app store eWiFi downloaded by 1.5 million users. Recently 10,0000 users downloading eWiFi every day. eFUSION also going to submit a new version 2.0 to app store on this month including new features demanded by a vast number of iPhone and iPod touch users by e-mail, twitter, forums and several social networks.

eWiFi is wifi access point finder utility application. It is a great utility application for iPhone and iPod touch user who wants to access faster internet through WiFi and for travelers who loves free open WiFi to get internet access during travel. Also the new version of eWiFi will care about expert user who want to connect home and office secure WiFi network automatically with first priority. eWiFi downloaded by 1.5 million users with in 4 and half months f  r o m the release date.

This application attracted several medias attention f r o m all over the world including USA. Some mentionable ranking of eWiFi are listed below:

#2 Top Free application in USA – February 2010
#2 Top Free application in Japan – October 2009
#1 Top Free application in Italy – January 2010
#1 Top Free application in Nederland – January 2010.

Every day eFUSION getting many requests for eWiFi features u p d a t e from iPhone and iPod touch users. eFusion planed and already have completed the development of new version of eWiFi 2.0. The new version included new features as majority users asked by email and comments in app store. The new version will submit for review to Apple Inc by eFUSION on Wednesday, February 17. Hope Apple will consider about their iPhone, iPod touch and eWiFi users. eWiFi users will get the new version on their hand as early as Apple will complete their review process. It will bring a change on wifi utility application.

Key Features:
• Access Point Scan
o Scan for OPEN, SECURED(WEP/WPA/WPA2) and Ad-hoc wireless networks
o Sort wireless networks list according to Known Secured, Known Open, Open, Secured, Ad-hoc and network signal strength.
o Display signal strength bar of each network.
o Customize networks display list.

• Auto Scan
o Auto wireless access point scan support.
o Auto scan repeat time setup.
o Scan access points by shaking your device.

• Auto Connect
o Auto connect support.
o Minimum signal strength setup for auto connect.
o Automatically launch Safari/Mail or Exit f r o m eWiFi after connect to wireless network.
o Sound notification during successful auto connection.

• Credentials
o Ability to connect with secure network using credential when network not hidden.
o Ability to save password of SECURED network for farther login.

• Known/Ignore List
o Automatically add access point to the known list when successful connect.
o Ignore a network when want to avoid.
o Functions to remove networks f r o m Known and Ignore list.

• Others
o Last login time display for known networks.
o Wonderful user interface with help in every point.

Pricing: The new version of eWiFi will be free too.

URL: http://www.efusion.co.jp/en/news/2010/20100217-1.html

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Spitfire And 3CX Offer Channel Complete SIP Solution

Spitfire, the leading Internet Telephony Service Provider, has completed full Interoperability testing with 3CX and agreed to promote 3CX to Spitfire’s 200 strong partner channel. Spitfire has become a 3CX Supported SIP Trunk provider, with Spitfire SIP Trunk configuration built into the latest release of 3CX software, and support for Spitfire SIP Trunks being available from 3CX’s global technical support center.

Spitfire presented 3CX to its partner channel in a joint seminar for Spitfire Partners at the end of January 2010, to promote the benefits of the 3CX IP phone system using Spitfire SIP trunks. In addition to this 3CX is holding two fully subscribed training days exclusively for Spitfire Partners at their training center in Kingston-upon-Thames.

The 3CX phone system is a Windows based IP PBX that replaces a proprietary hardware PBX. 3CX’s IP phone system has been developed specifically for Microsoft Windows and is based on the SIP standard.

Spitfire’s Partner Service provides a wide range of telecoms support for IT support companies and VARs looking to move into voice. This includes overviews on an introduction to telecoms, third level support and access to Spitfire’s Wholesale Line Rental and SIP products.

Nick Goodenough, Spitfire’s Partner Service Manager says, “Our aim is to help IT companies that wish to move into voice take the initial steps. IT resellers have great relationships with their clients and are on site on a regular basis. They should consider providing voice as delivering and supporting another application on the LAN. Spitfire’s role is to provide our IT Partners with the service wrap and products to give them the confidence to provide voice services with our support. Spitfire offers over 20 years experience in the voice market and is now a leader in SIP Trunks, VoIP and business Internet connectivity, so we offer the complete package to support IT companies moving into voice”.

For 3CX Stephen Corrigan, EMEA Country Manager said, “We are extremely pleased to be working with Spitfire to promote our leading Windows based phone system to their 200 partners in the IT channel. There is perfect synergy between the 3CX IP phone system and Spitfire’s highly resilient SIP Trunk solution. We anticipate that Spitfire’s Channel of IT support companies and data VARs that want to deliver voice solutions to their customers, will find 3CX and Spitfire an irresistible combination.”

Spitfire’s SIP Trunking is designed as an ISDN30e and ISDN2e replacement and typically offers business quality secure telephony at up to 50 percent less than the installation and monthly rental cost of an equivalent ISDN service. As one of the only ISPs and fixed line operators to offer a SIP Trunk service, Spitfire offers a complete end-to-end SIP service via its own IP and TDM infrastructure. Spitfire can provide a direct connection between the customers’ premises and Spitfire’s core network over the UK’s widest range of SDSL, ADSL or Ethernet circuits.

As an Interconnected Fixed Line Operator and one of only 29 CPS Operators in the UK, Spitfire also has number ranges on all UK dialing codes, together with non-geographic number ranges, allowing them to provide one of the only fully integrated SIP services available today, delivering a genuine ISDN30e replacement.

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Novotech To Acquire MobileForce Solutions

Furthering its strategy of delivering world-class solutions in the Machine 2 Machine (M2M) market space, Mr. Matt Dumais, President of Novotech Technologies Corp., announced today that Novotech has agreed to acquire wireless data solutions experts, MobileForce Solutions. This acquisition combines Novotech’s industry-leading portfolio of industrial and embedded modems and ancillary products with the complementary suite of wireless data services offered by MobileForce Solutions to Carriers, Dealers, OEM’s and System Integrators. The increased leveraging of the M2M market space created by this acquisition will serve to fuel future growth, and result in enhanced support and choice for Novotech’s customers.

Novotech To Acquire MobileForce Solutions

“MobileForce’s solutions and services and Novotech’s M2M distribution abilities have proven to be a compelling complement in the M2M market. Customers implementing or delivering M2M solutions will now benefit more from our combined innovation and expertise in bringing cost effective and timely projects to market. We’re very pleased to welcome Larry to the management team,” Dumais said.

MobileForce Solutions Limited is a Calgary based Wireless Data Solutions and Consulting Services Company. Founder and President, Mr. Larry Bellehumeur will be joining the Novotech Board of Directors. “When MobileForce was first created, one of our core principles was that we provided Industry leading Service and Mobile Solutions to our customer base,” said Bellehumeur. “By aligning with Novotech, who has a well established Sales and Distribution network, we are able to build on that principle to create a true Industry leader in the M2M space, one that is able to provide a complete One-Stop shop experience for Customers, Cellular Carriers and Integrators.”

About Novotech: Novotech is a leading distributor of M2M technologies in North America with proven expertise in the key technologies important to bringing M2M solutions and products to market. Over the past 14 years Novotech has been selling into the M2M market space and continues to be a reliable partner helping to integrate the right products to meet customer’s exact and demanding criteria. Novotech has blended the leaders of M2M products in their respective technologies on one line card, thereby offering the most innovative and complete portfolio of market-leading products in the M2M market space today. M2M solutions are available immediately through Novotech Technologies by calling 1-800-268-8628. For more information please visit www.NOVOTECH.com.

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BT Hits The One Million Spot

BT has announced that it has reached its goal of building a million-strong Wi-Fi hotspot network. Now the largest network in the UK and Ireland, the hotspots are available in homes, independent businesses, high street chains and major city centres.

BT Hits The One Million Spot

BT Wi-Fi users are also on track to spend more than a billion Wi-Fi minutes online this year (April09 – 31 Mar10), a peak attributed in part to the massive growth in UK iPhone traffic. In the last eight months, BT has signed UK deals to provide O2, Orange and Vodafone iPhone customers* with BT Openzone Wi-Fi access.

Gavin Patterson, chief executive officer, BT Retail, said: “Whether at home, at work, or when out and about, wireless access is central to keeping people and communities better connected. We’ve grown from 500,000 to one million hotspots within six months, and will continue to add more to meet demand from smart-phone, laptop, iPod and now e-reader users.”

The million-strong Wi-Fi estate comprises hotspots from the BT FON Wi-Fi Community, BT Openzone, plus BT Openzone hotspots via the BT Business Hub. Well-known brands offering access include Hilton, Thistle, Ramada Jarvis and Macdonald hotel chains, Caffe Nero and Starbucks coffee stores, Welcome Break and RoadChef Costa service stations, British Airways, Star Alliance, American Airlines and SkyTeam airport lounges plus other UK transport hubs.

Five million BT consumer and business broadband – plus BT Mobile Broadband – customers have inclusive Wi-Fi minutes in their contracts to surf, work or make cheaperVoIP calls. Casual users can buy access from as little as 1/2p per minute. BT Openzone customers can access a further 65,000 hotspots in the UK and overseas through international roaming partners. BT FON members have access to another 225,000 FON (hot) spots in the UK and worldwide.

The millionth hotspot is now live and BT will launch a competition on Thursday 11th February. Further information can be found via the BTOpenzone Twitter feed.

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Cheap UK Calls Set Bangladesh Buzzing

With a population of 168 million people to call, it’s no wonder Bangladesh scooped the top spot as the UK’s favourite international destination to dial.

Cheap UK Calls Set Bangladesh Buzzing

The findings which were based on consumers using Firstnumber – an online directory offering cheap access codes – saw 12% of people dialling Bangladesh. The findings were especially striking given the 300 codes available.

Surprisingly, Bangladesh managed to beat off strong competition from the likes of the China and India; China in particular boasts a population size over eight times bigger than that of Bangladesh.

Firstnumber representative Andy Steele put Bangladesh’s popularity with UK citizens down to the clarity of calls:

“There’s not one outright reason why the people in the UK have made Bangladesh their favourite international destination to call although the quality of the connection is definitely key. Firstnumber’s service is often as good as calling a regular UK landline so callers no longer have to worry about their calls being interrupted by crackling sounds, crossed wires or lines breaks which were commonplace in the past.”

Perhaps what makes these findings most interesting though is the lack of phone connection to be found in certain parts of Bangladesh. Almost 90% of the country’s rural towns and farming communities still lack a basic landline service. In some areas it’s not uncommon for village people to travel tens of miles to use a communal landline shared by numerous remote settlements.

Needless to say, in the absence of landlines, many Bangladeshis have turned their attention to mobile phones. Currently, Bangladesh boasts 50million handsets nationwide with this number only set to rise as technology becomes more affordable and accessible. UK citizens with Bangladeshi friends and family needn’t worry about a hike in price though, as Andy Steele explains.

“Firstnumber and our competitors are constantly trying to get the best deal for consumers and as a result the prices just keep getting lower. Firstnumber currently allows people to dial Bangladeshi mobiles and landlines for just 3p a minute, that’s just 1p dearer than calling your next door neighbour from the same phone. While dialling international destinations may have once proved a costly process this is quickly becoming a thing of the past. A trend that is only cemented by the number of people choosing to call Bangladesh.”

About Firstnumber:
Firstnumber.co.uk is an online phone directory offering direct dial access codes that reduce the cost of making international calls from a UK landline.

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Daisy Celebrates Apprentice Successes

Senior managers from a leading telecoms provider will pledge to invest in the skills of its 850-strong workforce during National Apprenticeship Week.

Every member of Daisy’s Leadership team will vow their commitment to learning and development of their staff by each providing an imprint of their right hand.

This will be displayed at the company’s head office in Lancashire as a symbol of the company’s shared vision and commitment to its staff.

Daisy, one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK providing business broadband, phonelines and mobile business broadband, currently has a dozen apprentices all working towards customer service and business administration NVQs.

One particular Daisy success story is Ryan Lowe, a customer retentions advisor, who at 19-years-old was promoted to team leader to cover maternity leave.

Ryan, who carried out a Level 3 NVQ in Business Administration, said “I had to grow up fast in order to lead a team successfully and it has really made me think about working towards a managerial role in the future.”

Hazel Warhurst, Group Head of HR at Daisy said: “It is vital to invest in staff if you want them to grow within the business. Providing training and development helps them learn that you value their role within the business and that they are key in the business’s future plans.

“Daisy has a very low staff churn rate because we take time to nurture their needs and ensure they have room for growth.

“Recently we went from a 280 to an 850 staff company and are looking to recruit even more. Making sure all those 850 employees are happy in their roles is no easy task, but with a shared commitment from the senior team, we are confident we can make it happen.

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Doctor Doctor, I Feel Great!

Fun, sun and cocktails were the order of the day for staff at a leading telecoms firm in a bid to combat the winter blues.

A luau was held across Daisy’s UK-wide offices on Monday, February 1st, which is statistically known to be the day on which staff across the UK are most likely to take a ‘sickie’.

The company hoped the event would help erase the common mix of post-Christmas blues, general burn-out and the seemingly distant summer by providing staff with extra incentives to come to work – and enjoy it.

As staff dragged themselves to work on what was a cold, dreary Monday, they were met with a hula girl and Polynesian guy, who presented them with a pick-me-up non- alcoholic cocktail and flower lei.

A Hawaiian chill-out area was set up in the offices, where staff could relax during break times and an inter-office limbo competition was held to raise a few laughs during lunch. A raffle was also held to give staff the chance of winning free lunches for a week.

Daisy Chief Operating Officer, Gareth Kirkwood, said: “We never want to think that our staff would consider taking a ‘sickie’ because they cannot face the day that lies ahead of them.

“It doesn’t take much effort to raise a smile and a laugh and that is exactly what we were trying to do on our Hawaiaan themed day.

“If our staff are happy, our customers are happy and while it may cost money to hold such events, a contented workforce is a priceless commodity in a company which prides itself on customer service.”

About Daisy Group PLC
Daisy Group PLC is a leading provider of integrated voice and data services to the small-medium business market providing key services such as business broadband and mobile business broadband.

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Certified Interoperability Between 3CX’s Popular PBX For Windows And Beronet’s Berofix Voip Gateways Guarantees Customers’ Piece Of Mind

3CX – developer of the popular software PBX for Windows – 3CX Phone System, and Beronet – an industry leader in VoIP gateway equipment – announced today a strategic technology partnership that pairs 3CX’s software-based IP-PBX with Berofix VoIP gateways.

Certified Interoperability Between 3CX's Popular PBX For Windows And Beronet's Berofix Voip Gateways Guarantees Customers' Piece Of Mind

The partnership ensures that both companies will commit to do ongoing interoperability testing, ensuring that customers can buy best of breed VoIP software and hardware, yet still be assured of an end to end solution supported by both vendors.

The IP PBX and VOIP Gateway certified interoperability allows companies to immediately realize the cost-saving benefits of VoIP, whilst utilizing existing ISDN lines and thus enabling a gradual transition to VoIP. The Berofix VoIP Gateways are available as add in cards or as separate stand alone units. In both cases they fully support virtualized environments and do not require operating system drivers. The range starts with 4S0 (4BRI) and goes up to 4E1 connections. The cards can be upgraded allowing the customer full flexibility. A GSM and Analog interface module is in development. Selected 3CX and Beronet distributors will be offering special bundle pricing.

“We are very pleased to cooperate with Beronet,” said Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX. “Berofix VOIP Gateways are well-designed, competitively priced and highly scale able. They work perfectly with 3CX and thus resellers can deploy the solution with confidence, knowing they will be fully supported by both Beronet and 3CX.”

”We are honored to be working with 3CX” said Thomas Haeger, CEO of Beronet. “3CX Phone System for Windows is an innovative and reliable PBX with significant market share. We are very pleased that 3CX, the market leader in Windows PBX, has chosen Beronet for their certification program. Beronet & 3CX distributors such as VoIPon and VoIPango have also announced special bundle prices. More information about the VoIPon bundles here. Please contact VoIPango for bundle pricing.

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