SENKO debuts expanded line of fiber to the home solutions at the 2008 FTTH Conference and Expo

SENKO has just introduced its expanded line of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) solutions, a full line of components designed to meet the unique requirements of FTTH networks.

SENKO’s Fiber to the Home products include WDM couplers, Attenuators, PLC splitter Modules, and SC-APC and LC connectors.

WDM Couplers: Manufactured using Filter WDM technology, SENKO’s WDM Couplers provide very low insertion loss, low polarization dependent loss, and excellent environmental stability.

Attenuators: SENKO’s Attenuators provide excellent optical characteristics, including Low Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) and a stable, independent wavelength distribution.

PLC Splitter Modules: Manufactured with Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (P-CVD) technology and its patented fabrication process, SENKO’s PLC Splitter Modules provide stable optical specifications. The module’s silica on silica waveguide and optical fiber array are tested to Telcordia GR-1209 and GR-1221 standards.

SC-APC Connectors: Backed by SENKO’s quality standards, SC-APC connectors are available in either a conical or step end face.

LC Series: SENKO’s LC Series includes Standard LC, Behind The Wall (BTW), and Unibody Connectors, as well as LC Standard Adapters, LC Adapters With Sc Footprint, LC Hybrid Adapters, Terminators, and Attenuators.

SENKO will exhibit its extended portfolio of fiber optic passive devices in booth #710 at the 2008 FTTH Conference and Expo being held in Nashville, Tennessee; September 22-24th. SENKO will also be showing their new line of cleaning and inspection kits as well as their XP Fit Plus, SENKO’s solution to field installable connectors. Please stop by and visit for more information.

Demand for fiber technologies such as FTTH is on the rise, and the capacity to meet this demand and continuously add new services is creating enormous competitive pressures. Several communications companies are already selling FTTH technology, and many of them are integrating SENKO into their product offerings.

For more information about SENKO FTTH products visit

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I-Voip.Co.Uk The Leading U.K. Supplier Of Skype Phones And Voip Phone Devices Re-Launched This Week As An Innovative New Form Of Price Comparison Service the leading U.K. supplier of Skype Phones and VoIP Phone devices re-launched this week as an innovative new form of price comparison service. I-VoIP has ceased selling products directly to consumers and has instead turned its knowledge of the VoIP market to the benefit of consumers by providing reviews and insight into a huge array of VoIP products and services from leading providers.

Since EBAY purchased Skype in 2006 popular awareness of the existence and benefits of VoIP services has exploded in the UK and across the world. With this increased awareness has come the entry of global players into the manufacture and distribution of VoIP and Skype phones and hardware. This period has also seen a proliferation of new VoIP service providers offering ever cheaper rates and value added benefits from voicemail to call management.

Throughout this time I-VoIP has expanded both its product range and the information it offers to users. I-VoIP was conceived with the dual purpose of selling VoIP and Skype phones and providing all the help and advice that non-technical users needed to select the right VoIP device for their particular situation. As product prices came down so the demand for I-VoIP’s information and experience shot up. This trend lead to the decision to stop sourcing and selling products and instead to expand the company’s information services and to partner with other larger retailers to offer consumers the best advice and prices on VoIP products and services all in one place.

Now I-VoIP has been re-launched with improved advice and support on VoIP products including video reviews, product ratings and updated information on VoIP service providers. Furthermore thanks to the use of the new E-Farm platform I-VoIP is able to offer its customers the best prices available on the internet from leading suppliers across a huge range of VoIP and Skype products.

“We are very excited about this change of direction. It represents an evolution rather that a revolution in terms of our business model because I-VoIP’s success has always been built upon the provision of simple and impartial advice to VoIP users. We can now offer our users all the advice that they need along with the best prices available online in once place. All we have done is cut out the middle man only in this case the middle man happened to be us!” — Stefan Michalak, Director,

For additional information on the new website, email I-VoIP or visit

I-VoIP was founded in early 2005 as an independent online retailer selling the latest Skype and VoIP products. As one of the first retailers of such products in the U.K. I-VoIP experienced tremendous growth and success expanding its product range and moving premises several times. The I-VoIP concept was motivated by the desire to provide straightforward and impartial advice to VoIP users to enable them to make the right choices in a complicated nascent marketplace. In its new incarnation I-VoIP is better able than ever to offer users the tools they need to make the right decisions about which VoIP hardware they purchase and which VoIP services they use.

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3CX Delivers A Business Soft Phone Completely Free Of Charge

3CX ( has announced the release of a totally free new VoIP phone that allows users to make and receive calls from their computer using popular VoIP providers or SIP servers. 3CX VoIP Phone, unlike other free soft phones, has a straight forward, business-style interface and includes important business features such as call transfer.

Nick Galea, CEO at 3CX said:3CX VoIP Phone is great for businesses that wish to have an easy to deploy, business-level VoIP soft phone. Because it is free, the usual hassle of administration of client licenses is avoided. The free editions of other VoIP phones do not have key features such as call transfer or the ability to put a call on hold.

“VoIP Phones are an interesting option for businesses – they are easy to administer and environmentally friendly. Hardware phones require additional electricity, administration and desk space.”

3CX VoIP Phone has a user-friendly and intuitive interface with dial pad and buttons that make transferring or forwarding calls a breeze. It also allows users to review their history of calls, put calls on hold, to easily accept, reject or ignore calls with a mouse click, and much more.

Launch calls from Microsoft Outlook – without re-typing the number

One of the key features of 3CX VoIP Phone is its integration with Microsoft Outlook. Users can launch calls directly from their contacts’ list within Outlook by just right-clicking on the name of the person they wish to call. There is no need to dial any telephone numbers since Outlook works as 3CX VoIP Phone’s address book.

Other features of 3CX VoIP Phone

  • Supports several SIP profiles
  • Shows personal call log/history – ideal for salespeople
  • Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
  • Supports G.711 (A-Law and u-Law), GSM, iLBC and Speex codecs
  • STUN support for NAT/firewall traversal
  • Installation provided as MSI for easy deployment

Key advantages of 3CX VoIP Phone

  • Completely FREE – no license fees or hidden charges for use of advanced features
  • Not proprietary – can be used with most popular IP PBXs and VoIP providers
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Easy to use via an intuitive user interface with dial pad and buttons
  • Environmentally friendly

The new 3CX VoIP Phone can be downloaded totally free of charge from:

About 3CX and 3CX Phone System for Windows

3CX is an international developer of telecommunications software, headquartered in Europe with offices in the UK, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, USA, Australia and Hong Kong. It is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and is backed by an experienced management and development team. 3CX Phone System for Windows is an award-winning software-based IP PBX that replaces a traditional proprietary hardware PBX. It is entirely SIP standard based, and therefore interoperates with leading SIP phones, VoIP Gateways and VoIP providers. 3CX’s IP PBX has earned Windows Server 2003 Certification and has been developed specifically for the SMB market with a full set of features that make it simple to install and manage. For more information on 3CX, 3CX Phone System for Windows and 3CX VoIP Phone visit

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